Save your business even more with our auto buying discount programs. Members of PARTICIPATING GOLDEN STATE BUILDERS EXCHANGE LOCATIONS are now eligible to receive exclusive cash back incentives, on company owned vehicles. Open to "non-fleet" customers. Meaning no matter if you have one vehicle or 500, the incentives still apply. 


GSBE has partnered with Momentum Groups to provide members with significant discounts on company titled vehicles, fleet management services, and fuel and/ or purchasing card programs.


Your 2018 GSBE General Motors Competitive Assistance Program is designed to add value to your membership saving you time and money. To utilize the program through Momentum Groups or a GM dealer of your choice, you must have a valid letter of membership from a participating GSBE location.


To request a letter of membership, please contact Kristine O'Dell at  


*Review Momentum Mike's answers to frequently asked questions


2018 GSBE General Motors Competitive Assistance Program


    > Must be a member of a participating location

    > Must have valid letter of membership upon purchasing a vehicle

    > Must bring provide copy of 2018 program to dealership

    > Must use CAP code FA3

    > Must apply BX FAN code 997641 

    > Vehicle must be titled in company name

    > Please read all requirements located in the 2018 program agreement

*Note: Most fleet sales reps will be familiar with the 2018 program. If any dealerships need help applying the discounts, please have them reach out to or call 1-877-YR-Fleet. We will be happy to bring them on board.

Momentum's Fleet Management Services












Our "un-bundled" fleet management strategy allows MG clients the opportunity to pick and choose the services they use to build their custom fleet management program. The "un-bundling" strategy lets Momentum act as an in-house fleet manager. An extension of our clients' fleet department.


Clients can utilize MG for:


    > Negotiate and Procure Factory Orders

    > Negotiate Out of Stock Purchasing

    > Vehicle Leasing Arrangement if Desired

    > Delivery Arrangements

    > License, Title, Registration on New and Used Vehicles Annually

    > Accident Management

    > Disposal of Vehicles

    > Fuel card/ management

    > Maintenance Card & Management Program (IF DESIRED) +$5 PER CARD

MG Construction Multi-use MasterCard











You control what the card can be used for. Simply set up profiles based on card holders purchasing responsibility. Limit card to specific products or categories. Our card program wouldn't be complete without offering the largest fuel discount network in the industry. Desktop and mobile card administration allows for easy card management and security. No hassle, no fees. Don't delay, apply today!


Features and Controls:


    > Mastercard based card

    > 35,000+ discount stations in network

    > Desktop and mobile card administration

    > Customize card holder profiles

    > Real-time custom reporting


    > Assign cards to drivers or vehicles

    > Mobile app low cost station locator

    > Can be used to purchase fuel, travel and entertainment, supplies, and can be used to pay vendors



Fleet Management and Expense Control

Momentum Groups, founded by two savvy fleet experts. They were looking to, "un-bundle" the typical cookie cutter fleet management solutions, available to businesses today. We want our clients, to experience the same flexibility, as the firms operating with, in house fleet managers. Our fleet and electronic payment services are designed to provide clients with competitive pricing on company owned vehicles and to expertly control business expenses. We approach each of our programs with savvy auto-buying, expert expense management/electronic payment strategies, and 3 decades of fleet management experience. Let Momentum Groups add significant value to your fleet and financial operations.


Are you ready to set your fleet and finance operations on the path to success? Don't delay, call today!

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